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The work of a passionate expert
The grand-daughter of an auctioneer, Anne-Marie Monin has only ever had one objective in mind when choosing her pieces: their exceptional nature. Ranging from the 17th to the 19th centuries, from Germany to Italy, and of course France, the works she seeks out are the very finest examples of rare furniture and objets d’art. Her watchwords have always ever been quality and authenticity; underpinned by a strong bond of trust with her clients.
An exceptional location, on the Quai Voltaire, in the very heart of Paris’s antiquarian district
Located on the banks of the Seine opposite The Louvre, this superb gallery is housed in the “Hotel du Marquis de Villette”. A townhouse named after the 18th century French politician and writer of that name, which is above all known for being the last residence of the philosopher Voltaire, it is a magnificent setting that still carries with it the echoes of The Enlightenment. In homage to him the Marquis de Villette chose to rechristen this bank of the river in the 7th arrondissement “Quai Voltaire” at the time of The Revolution. And it is here that some years later Balzac then imagined the mysterious antique shop in his 1831 novel, The Magic Skin (“Le Peau de chagrin”). The deeply evocative literary and historical nature of this location makes it a perfect setting for such pieces of fine art.
International Recognition
As a widely-respected member of Paris’s antiquarian community the gallery has taken part in numerous major events and fairs such as the Paris “Biennale des Antiquaires” since 2004 and the “Salon du Collectionneur”, the BRAFA (Brussels Antiques and Fine Arts Fair).