An ebony and black wood veneer desk




Regency period



Red morocco leather top



Measurements :

Height : 32” ½ in.

Width : 63” 3/8 in.

Depth : 31” 7/8 in.




An ebony and black wood veneer desk, opening in frontage by a central drawer and on both sides by two drawers set out boxes. Finely ornamented with a brass incrustation or cartridges and framings, engraved raised and gilded bronze falls, handles and shoes.

Our desk remarkably illustrates the Regency period. Indeed it preserves the piles of drawers inherited Mazarin Bureau of the period Louis XIV, like his eight feet. One starts to distinguish the change, which takes place between the period Louis XIV and the period Louis XV. The feet are bent slightly and relative of falls out of engraved and gilded bronze. A similar model showing the same characteristics is kept in the Musée des Arts décoratifs, Paris.