Guéridon “Empire” of the Restoration period

Sébastien Youf


Guéridon “Empire” of the Restoration period


Paris, Restoration period, Reign of Louis XVIII, approx. 1815-1820


-       Without extensions

Height: 30” 11/16 in, Diameter: 47” 5/8 in


-       With extensions

Height: 30”11/16 in, Width: 118” ½ in, 47” 5/8 in

It is of a simple yet powerful circular shape that reflects the neoclassicism of the imperial era. We can see that the very finest panels of beautifully nuanced mahogany crotch were selected. The base of the table is made of five curving legs that are connected to a central supporting crutch that is in the form of a five-pointed star. These violin-shaped branches are inlaid with a veneer of burr alderwood, an extremely precious wood that is very rarely seen on pieces at this time. The legs and central crutch are adorned with engraved and gilded decorative bronzes that show many of the motifs of the period: acanthus leaves, stylised rose and palm forms, fleurons, sharpened lion claws, crowns and, placed as the focal point of the base, a fretwork incense burner.

This guéridon also boats an exceptionally rare addition: two mahogany extensions with their own carved baluster legs were specifically produced to sit aside the magnificent circular green marble (marbre vert de mer) table top so as to permit the guéridon to be transformed into a dining room table.