(1734-1806, Received master in 1768)


Paris, Louis XVI Period
Stamped: J.H. RIESENER
Dimensions : Height: 30 1/16 in; Length: 21 5/16 in; Depth: 15 1/16 in

Rare rectangular table of Louis XVI period in mahogany and mottled mahogany veneered. Opens in front by a writing-slide with black gilded leather, two drawers including one with compartments and a side drawer containing the necessary writing. This piece of furniture rests on four right legs decorated with shoes with casters, joined by a shelf which is topped by a gilded bronze cornice, like the one that covers the tray in marble white veined grey. Our table is enriched by a light ornamentation of gilt bronzes as laurel garlands and patterns of cut leather.


J.H. Riesener (1734-1806) was one of the most famous cabinetmakers during the reign of Louis XVI. He arrives in Paris in 1755 and begins his apprenticeship with Jean-François Oeben. Riesener becomes quickly one of the best collaborators of Oeben and when he dies, in 1763, Riesener takes the management of the workshop.


As the “Journal du Garde Meuble de la Couronne” testifies, the Riesener’s production is varied. Besides the many important orders he received from the queen Marie-Antoinette, he was indeed her favourite cabinetmaker, and for the whole royal family, Riesener had to answer as well to many private orders of simpler and less expensive tastes. Then, appear more refined and lighter pieces of furniture like our writing table. This piece of furniture, with its drawing, the high quality of assembly, the choice of mahogany and the guilt bronze ornamentation is typical of the Jean-Henri Riesener’s production around 1785.