Pair of wine coolers





France, Paris


18th Century, Louis XV Period (1723 – 1774)



Measurements :

Height : 8,6 in.

Diameter : 8,2 in.




Pair of wine coolers of Louis XV period, a domed shape groove molded tole lacquered black and polychrome decoration, centered on each side of a scene animated by characters in the style of China and stylized patterns of pagodas in landscapes. The whole is surrounded by reserves the purest rococo style on a background of gold cross. Each item is decorated with a pair of handles attached to a drooping head lion in gilt bronze.
Our pair of coolers has its original polychromy.

Originally, the technique of painted metal was invented in Italy in 1740 with the intention of imitating precious Chinese lacquer and Japan panels for reasons of cost and fragility of the material. Indeed, the lacquer is fragile and prone to cracking when bonded on a wooden frame. In addition, imports into the French workshops by the marchands merciers, panels or lacquer cabinets cost a fortune.

This technique quickly took the scale across Europe thanks to the talent of the artisans that allowed lacquer painted metal objects made to compete with the finest pieces of natural lacquer, pietra dura and even porcelain. So many objects were made ​​such as, glass, seals the bottles to cool as the pair that we present, torches, vases but also small furniture.


We find a similar pattern wine cooler in lacquered metal black and gold, altough it is later, at the Musée Carnavalet, Paris.