Twelve lights chandelier

18th Century, Italy

Measurements :

Height: 35½ in.

Diameter: 29½ in.


Chandelier rocaille, with twelve light in its original gilt and vermilion lacquered metal. Its gilt cage is crowned with a red canopy edged in finely cut gold valance and stylized foliage. The center of the cage, a Chinese character is faced with a dragon in a circle of stony branches and openwork decorative repertoire from the rocaille style. Our chandelier is inspired by the taste widespread in the eighteenth century to the East and in particular China as evidenced furniture and porcelain by Sèvres and Meissen at this time. This taste influenced the whole of Europe and especially Italy. To this, we give the painted sheet the shapes of porcelain factories that use many of the same decorations.

Historically, Turkey seems to be the cradle of painted sheet including the manufacture of objects such as coffee pot or tea pot. In France, under Louis XIV, objects covered with paint or "vernis d’orient" fascinate collectors and many researchers looking for the secret of these varnishes throughout Europe and specialized workshops emerge.

It was only around 1740, after the discovery of the "vernis d’ambre" (amber varnish) in Italy that the tests are multiplied to arrive in France to the creation of the first factory plates painted under the banner of "La Petite Pologne ". And it was then that develop many objects such as glass coolers or bottle coolers, cache-pots, inkwell, flower boxes or incense burner and very rarely luminaires.

This chandelier is a rare work of painted lacquer in the middle of the eighteenth century in Italy.