Wouters Verschuur


(AMSTERDAM 1812 – 1874 VORDEN)


Portrait of the leonberg



Oil on canvas mounted on panel


Signed and dated lower right : W. Verschuur f. 1841


Dimensions : H. 69 5/8 in ; L. 61 1/4 in (without frame)


Provenance : Private collection



Wouters Verschuur is a Dutch animal painter, one of the last representatives of Romanticism in the art of the Netherlands.

He received training on landscape and animals in the studio of Pieter Gerardus van Os (1776-1839) and Cornelis Steffelaar (1797-1861).

Showing talent from the early stages, at age 15 his paintings were presented at the exhibition of "living masters" in Amsterdam in 1828. In 1832 and 1833, he won the gold medal at the Felix's annual exhibition Meritis. In 1833, Wouters was appointed a member of the Royal Academy in Amsterdam. In 1839 he joined the Society of Artists, Arti and Amicitiae.

Today his paintings can be admired in the collections of Rijsk Museum in Amsterdam, Metropolitan Museum of New York, Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg to name a few.

The paintings of Wouters Verschuur consist mainly of stable scenes, landscapes with horses and coastal landscapes or views of the bustling interiors with dogs.


Our monumental leonberg portrait witnesses to the artist's unquestionable know-how in the figurative painting of animals - the anatomy of the meticulously represented leonberg is irreproachable while the brilliance and texture of his fur bring an almost living rendering of the dog.