Giovanni di Paolo FANCELLI

(Actif au milieu du XVIe siècle à Florence )

Rare and exceptional bassin

Attributted to Giovanni di Paolo FANCELLI (Actif in mid-16th century in Florence)

Italy, Rome

Dated 1561


H. 76 cm - W. 150 cm - D. 76 cm (29 ⁷/₈ in - 59 in -29 ⁷/₈ in)

Marked and dated on the base  « IN ROMA FECIT MDLXI »

The monumental basin that we propose is made of an overflow bath placed on two lion's feet and supported on each side by winding handles coming to end under the rim. A belt encases the lower part of the basin. In the center, and on each side of the basin, a lion's head is placed, presenting the muzzle and the mane of the animal. Carved in a single block of white marble, probably from Carrara, this basin rests on a molded oval base. At the back, its edge in line allowed it to be part of a wall decor, certainly like the one we describe below for the Grotta di Madama. The base has the inscription "IN ROMA FECIT MDLXI".

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Grotta di Madama (1553-1555) in the  Boboli Gardens of  Palazzo Pitti

Our basin, with its exceptional dimensions, the quality of its sculpture and the variety of marble used, is completely similar to the one in the Grotta di Madama in the Boboli Gardens at the Pitti Palace in Florence. With the exception of the lion's muzzle, replaced by putti, the shape of the feet of the lions, their furs, their positioning, the windings and the base are identical to ours. According to the archives of the Pitti Museum, Giovanni di Paolo Fancelli is the author of the Grotta di Madama basin.