A large painted terracotta covered vase

Venise, Italy
18th century
Painted terracotta

H. 112 cm - D. 57 cm (44 1/8 in - 22 1/2 in)

Our large covered vase is made out of painted terracotta. It is an European varnish, called in France “Martin Varnished”, used at the 18th century to imitate Chinese and Japanese lacquer, where it were at that time, very expensive. The Italian artists of the 18th century will seek to imitate the porcelain, woodworks, and marbles thanks to this European varnish.
In our example, they tried to reproduce large Far-Eastern pieces made out of porcelain.      
This work realized on terracotta allowed a less expensive income at the time, but the result was of very great quality as we can see it with our vase.

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