Giovanni Battista FOGGINI

(1652 - 1725)

White marble lidded vase

First sculptor in title at the court of the last Medici
First architect and director of the Grand-Ducal Workshops

Italy, Florence
17th century

H. 66 cm - W. 60 cm (26 in - 22 1/2 in)

The great delicacy of the sculpture as well as the abundance of the ornamental vocabulary of our vase is absolutely faithful to the stylistic repertoire of its author - Giovanni Battista Foggini.
Indeed, man­­y drawings of vases that we know of this Italian artist are similar to our piece.
Like most of his creations, our vase has a flared shape, sculpted at the bottom of the body with gadroons partially covered with four large acanthus leaves.
On the rim of the neck and on both sides, the vase is supported by volute shaped handles.
Underneath them, in the counter-curve of the body a large triangular foliated cartouche is inscribed in which is carved a female face whose extreme finesse is typical of the work of Foggini.
On the top, a scalloped cover is garnished with a grenade. The vase stands on a square base.
The Metropolitan Museum in New York preserves multiple drawings by Foggini with vase projects similar to our vase .
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Direct provenance : former collection of Giovanni Pratesi, Florence
This vase is reproduced in the second volume of the book
 « Giovacchino Fortini. Scultura Architettura Decorazione e Committenza a
Firenze al tempo degli ultimi Medici »
by Sandro Bellesi and Mara Visonà, 2008, p. 329.