Benedetto, Attribué à BOSCHETTI

(Actif à Rome 1820-1860 )

Pair of Grand Tour obelisks : Obelisco Flaminio & Obelisco Lateranese

Rome, Italy
First half 19th century
Red antic marble and black marble for the base

H. 82 cm - W. 15,5 cm (32 ¹/₄ in - 6 ¹/₈ in)

Our pair of obelisks are the reduction representations of the Obelisco Flaminio and the Obelisco Lateranese, which were brought from Egypt and are present in Rome since the 1st century for one and 4th century for the other.
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Benedetto Boschetti Workshop

The workshop of Benedetto Boschetti, located at 74, via Condotti in the heart of Rome, has become a must-visit place for the travelers of the Grand Tour by the quality of the art pieces it produced.
Benedetto Boschetti was considered as the most eclectic and certainly the most visionary virtuoso of all marmorari. Active around 1820-1870, the Boschetti Workshop was exhibited at the Crystal Palace in 1851 and was renowned for the outstanding quality of its antique copies.